Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My new book! "Digital Art: a complete guide to making your own computer artworks" by David Cousens

Digital Art Cover
Arcturus Publishing asked me to create a book all about digital artwork, that could be useful to beginners, intermediate and skilled professional alike.

The Digital Art book that I've written covers everything from the basics; like explaining File formats, colour selection and choosing which Digital Art program is right for you, then it explains the creative tools that you will use in digital art programs, and follows by looking at crucial design concepts like composition, leading the eye and establishing mood with colour.

It finishes with a chapter of tutorials that will talk you through things like how to successfully retouch a photo, how to achieve a number of traditional effects digitally, how to master glow effects, generate line art from photographs and creating retro pixel art.

Daddy's Things

Space Pirate Cap'n
Adventures in Pixel land 

The book also features how to use the awesome Watercolour Assistant in Photoshop CS6 (devised by Tim Shelbourne and Russell Brown) and photography by Tigz Rice and Marcus J Ranum and features some of the artwork that I provided for Digital Arts Magazine and character art from the upcoming Deseble Rising series by Mark Saint!

128 pages, full colour artwork.
You can buy the book now from Amazon: