Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Swin City "comic" poster

The guys at Swin City liked the images I did of them so much that they wanted a comic themed poster using the artwork, so here it is. You'll recognise the girl in the box as the character I designed for the shop a while back. She's actually been made into a 5" standup model!


Jon said...

Hey David,

i saw an old (sept/oct '06) post on the Photoshop Advanced forum where you were asking people to colour in your line drawings...I especially like this one which I had a bash at one night... Hope you like! Can you link me to other people attempts of the same set of drawings? The link for the post on AdvPs's Forum is: for your reference..
Cheers Matey, I love your stuff it's wicked.
Jono ;p

David Cousens said...

Hi Jon,
I can't see the whole url for your image, could you please email it to me as I'm really interested to see what ou came up with!

Cheers mate!