Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Computer Arts-Top 10 fun things to draw!

This illustration can be found accompanying the "2nd Opinion" column in Computer Arts (issue #140 on sale now). The article was called "the top 10 fun things to draw" which were:
1. Robots
2. Monkeys
3. Female Figures
4. Skulls/Skeletons
5. Monsters/mutants
6. the paranormal (eg aliens, angels demons)
7. Surrealism
8. Dogs
9. Human heads/faces
10. Birds
My favourite part was where they called me a "long-time friend of Computer Arts"! Cheers guys!


XIA said...

Awesome!!! It's True!

David Cousens said...

Xia! I'd recognise that Panda anywhere! Thanks for stopping by mate! :)