Monday, October 13, 2008

Tiki and Mambo: When hamsters get drunk! (with a little Monkey Island influence)

These little Roborovski hamsters were commissioned for a very good friend of ours who is really into Tiki culture. After doing a bit of research into all things Tiki, everything kept reminding me of the Lucas Arts "Secret of Monkey Island" games which I still love to this day. As a result, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that a few Monkey Island easter eggs got thrown into the mix for this image, plus one completely unrelated game just for fun. Which ones can you spot?

After studying his work, I have a whole new respect for Bill Tiller who inspired a lot of the Monkey Island aesthetics. His take on clouds inspired me a lot for this image. I really enjoyed making this, so thanks for the inspiration Bill!

Have fun,

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