Monday, April 06, 2009

Reg the Cat

Yesterday was the Birthday of a friend of ours, Clive Gifford. Clive is a fantastic author who we had the pleasure of working with on the "Ten" series of books for Kingfisher Publishing. As a birthday surprise, we drew this portrait of his lovely cat, Reg. Reg has his own web pages on Clive's website here.

Have fun,


Simon Rudd said...

wow that is lovely! :D

Ty Carter said...

nice brushwork

Adam Paquette said...

mew! beautiful :) how did you give it to him? Print?

David Cousens said...

Simon: Thanks mate!

Ty: Thank you, it was a lot of fun building up the fur and relaxing in a strange way too.

Adam: How kind of you! :) We sent him a high-res copy and he rushed to his local printing shop. He was so happy he told stacks of people about it, so it was pretty good publicity!