Monday, June 22, 2009

"Rising Starr", Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

Issue 58 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine is out now, and in it you will find a tutorial which will take you through how we created this image, called "Rising Starr". It starts off a little differently from our usual method, using photo reference to help generate an initial sketch, to help readers who aren't that confident with their drawing skills.


Attiq Ur Rehman said...

Its a great news to heard that the advance photoshop magazine is out now. Its my favorite magazine. Because in this most of the time very much interesting information are available their.
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Sarah Cousens said...

You're right, Advanced Photoshop is a great magazine. There's always so much useful information, and tips and tricks. Plus, they gave us our very first commission back when we were first starting out, so we love them even more!
We're actually in one of the upcoming issues (issue 61) with a brand new tutorial.