Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Line Up - editorial illustration for How It Works Magazine

Issue 22 of the excellent How It Works magazine recently looked at "explaining the worlds's 100 Greatest Myths" which either verified or debunked some of the most commonly believed "facts". The feature looked at spurious claims like "A ducks quack cannot echo" and "a penny dropped from the Empire State building could kill you" which were both false, to proving things such as "Elephants are scared of mice" and "Metal explodes in a microwave". 

In fact I accidentally proved that last one first hand once when I left a fork in a bowl once, you actually get these tiny mid-air sparks! Fortunately I stopped the microwave prior to it actually exploding! This is what happens when I'm left to cook for myself! And yes, I did just refer to using the microwave as cooking!

This is our editorial illustration to go alongside the wrongly-believed idea that "Napolean Bonaprte was incredibly short" which although he was 5'5'' at that time it was a fairly common height to be. Having to draw world leaders in an homage to The Usual Suspects was great fun, and Churchill really came out of it looking quite the bad-ass, which we're fairly sure he'd approve of!

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