Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review: Invisible Ink by Brian McDonald

Invisible ink is an outstanding book that tells you everything you need to know about storytelling. Invisible ink isn't just an invaluable tool for screenplays or scriptwriting; it's also useful for anyone interested in film, animation, illustration, character design and writing, as it covers the most important aspect of creating anything: telling the story. 

Brian McDonald has a hugely engaging writing style; he delivers salient information in an entertaining manner, and without trying to sound either pretentious, or show off his extensive and impressive knowledge. Brian McDonald educates without being dry for tedious by telling you what you need to know and then moving on; making the book a joy to read, and you will probably devour its 153 pages of information very quickly. All the fat has been trimmed; there is no filler here. 

Invisible ink uses real films to illustrate the points it needs to make in a very accessible and enthusiastic manner; you can feel McDonald's love for the films as he discusses them. It will enable you to analyse and understand theme, plot and characters. 
The book covers how to structure a story, theme beating logic, putting l your character through hell, ensuring truth in your story, making things sound natural, how to avoid common pitfalls in storytelling and a myriad of other subjects that are all integral to good storytelling.

To summarise, invisible ink is an essential  guidebook that clearly and effortlessly teaches you how to tell stories in an entertaining manner, no matter what medium you're creating in. 

Thoroughly Recommended.  

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