Tuesday, May 26, 2009

But why is the rum gone?

Well, we promised you a while ago that there would be more pretty ladies again soon, but we've gone one better and have a pretty pirate lady.

This is a quick sketch from reference (a lovely photo by the talented Marcus J Ranum), made using Manga Studio 4 Debut and little bit of Photoshop too.

Have fun,


PS. Speaking of pirates, have you tried changing the language to "pirate" in your Facebook options...?


Anonymous said...

Nice character. I like the background.. stock paper well combined with Ben-day dots!
I have never used Manga programmes, it's one of the things on my To Do list!

David Cousens said...

Thanks Elena (lovely name btw!)

I've always been a fan of the dots, I never seem to use them as much. Manga Studio will never replace Photoshop, but it does have some cool features. it's worth downloading a trial.