Monday, May 04, 2009


It might seem like we've gone a bit animal crazy here at Cool Surface what with all the animal themed art we've been posting lately. This weeks blog post is an image we made for our very good friend Carol, with the aim of capturing her eclectic style and bright personality, and also immortalising the lovely Shiver, who sadly passed away recently.



Adam Paquette said...

gorgeous. you really nailed the gesture of the turning motion :)

Anonymous said...

This kind of sentiment always gets me... *tears*

The expression is perfect as well.

Also, the current mix you guys have of cats, birds and monarchs seems to mirror my current reading trends! ^^

David Cousens said...

Adam: Thanks very much. There are a fair few of our neighbours have cats so I think I'm picking up on their traits subconsciously!

Utsukushuu: Glad you like the sentiment. What books are you reading at the moment then?