Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drying Paint - illustration for the "Memories Project" Cancer charity art book

The Memories Project is a charity art book, the proceeds go to Maggies Cancer caring centres. I drew this piece based on Antony Kitson's story based on his father's cancer inspiring him to launch OneTenElevenMedia. Since drawing this my own Gran, the lovely Tryphena Cousens, was diagnosed and subsequently has died of cancer very recently. One day I'll draw something as a tribute to her but right now it's too much of a fresh wound.

I'll leave you with this excerpt from the Memories Website describing the project. I promise the next post will return to our usual brand of light-hearted nonsense
Cancer is such a pervasive killer these days that few of us go through life untouched by the disease. We’ve decided to do something about it by launching the Memories project and the outcome will be a beautiful art book. Proceeds from the sales of Memories will go to the charity Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.
Memories will look at the thoughts and experiences of individuals who have survived cancer, as well as those of people who have lost loved ones. There will be ten stories inside, each looking at one person’s recollection of a particular day in the struggle against cancer. For each of these ‘memories’ a dozen leading artists, illustrators and designers will be creating their own visual response. Two further stories will go ‘open brief’ and we’ll be inviting creatives worldwide to make their own images to accompany the text. The best submissions will go into the book.
That makes for 12 touching stories, and 144 smashing pieces of artwork
The cover price is £10 and you can pre-order the book now.
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