Thursday, September 15, 2011

Music Star! Editorial illustration for Apps Magazine

This image was an editorial illustration for Apps Magazine for a feature on IOS Apps that can transform you into a music star! With the cool Transformers noise and everything!

Okay, not with the cool Transformers noise. Actually I can't guarantee that you'll become a star just by using an iPad or iPhone either, but then I'm not in the music business.I'm not even a good singer. In fact most cats and dogs tend to get quite angry if I start singing. I'm digressing aren't I?

I've done a few illustrations for Apps Magazine recently, but this is definitely one of my favourites. This image was the one that made us decide we really enjoy working in our "animated style".

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Tom Scholes said...

nicccccccccce man !

David Cousens said...

Thanks Tom, always good to hear from you!